Company Information

consarc engineering building exterior

Consarc is an Inductotherm Group Company with over 50 years of technical experience specialising in design, and manufacture of a wide range of advanced vacuum furnaces and controlled atmosphere furnaces for the processing of metals, specialty alloys, and engineered materials. These furnaces include:

  • Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces (VIM)
  • Vacuum Precision Investment Casting Furnaces (VPIC)
  • Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnaces (VAR)
  • Electroslag Remelting Furnaces (ESR)
  • Induction Skull Melting Furnaces (ISM)
  • Induction Vacuum Ladle Furnaces (IVL)
  • High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnaces
  • Vacuum De-Oiling Furnaces
  • Vacuum Induction Heating Furnaces
  • Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces with Pressure Gas Quenching
  • Vacuum Hot Press Furnaces
  • Vacuum Dewaxing and Sintering Furnaces
  • Vacuum CAP
  • Diffusion Bonding Furnaces
  • Custom Designed Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces to suit unique processes and applications.