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The first Consarc specialty furnace was developed over 50 years ago. Today, over half the vacuum or controlled atmosphere melting furnaces around the globe bear the Consarc name.

Consarc is an Inductotherm Group company, a strategic part of one of the world’s largest groups developing technologies for the melting and processing of high-performance metals and alloys. ISO 9001-2008–certified and with operations worldwide, Consarc is well equipped to tackle furnace projects on a global basis.

Consarc Engineering Ltd design and manufacture vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for the following processes:

  • Vacuum Precision Investment Casting (VPIC)
  • Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)
  • Vacuum Cap Furnaces (VCAP)
  • Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)
  • Electroslag Remelting (ESR)
  • Induction Skull Melting (ISM)
  • Induction Vacuum Ladle (IVL)
  • High Temperature Heating
  • Chemical Vapour Deposition
  • Vacuum Heat Treatment (VHT)
  • Vacuum Brazing (VAB)
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • Vacuum De-Oiling
  • Custom/Proprietary Processes

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Inductotherm Group companies use electromagnetic induction for melting, heating and welding applications across multiple industries. But what exactly is induction? And how does it differ from other heating methods?

To the typical engineer, induction is a fascinating method of heating. Watching a piece of metal in a coil turn cherry red in a matter of seconds can be surprising to those unfamiliar with induction heating. Induction heating equipment requires an understanding of physics, electromagnetism, power electronics and process control, but the basic concepts behind induction heating are simple to understand.