Successful Vacuum Cap (VCAP) Trials

The partnership between Brno University of Technology and Consarc Engineering Ltd continues to grow following recently conducted melting validation trials, on the University’s 80kg VCAP furnace, to demonstrate the many benefits of the VCAP technology.

During October 2021, melting trials were undertaken with two separate clients to demonstrate specifically the ability of the vacuum degassing on tool steels and Iron-Chromium-Nickel alloys, in sand casting applications, achieving significant degassing and improved metallurgical results in both cases.

As proven in more than 500 melts by the University, the VCAP technology is applicable on a wide spectrum of materials including:

  • General Carbon steels, including also those with elevated Si and Mn contents
  • Low to medium alloy steels
  • High alloys steels, stainless steels
  • Ni alloys
  • General Fe + Ni alloys

Proven VCAP technology benefits include:

  • Excellent vacuum degassing – Hydrogen, Nitrogen removal (both greater than 70%)* and Oxygen (greater than 50%)*.
  • Deoxidation strongly promoted using combination of vacuum and C-O reaction.
  • Reduction of low vapour pressure tramp elements e.g. Pb, Cd, Bi, Zn.
  • Decarburisation promoted – Intensified C-O reaction at low pressure enabling decarburisation to low carbon levels (greater than 50% C reductions possible)*.
  • Improved mechanical properties in castings.
  • Consistency of production.

* Process and alloy dependent – discuss possibilities with our technical team.

Contact Consarc to discuss VCAP and the unique opportunity for melt trials at sales@consarceng.com.