Another Two Consarc Furnaces At Mersen

In May 2020, Consarc were delighted to receive the Final Acceptance Certification from Mersen for two High Temperature Vacuum Induction Heat Treatment furnaces, used in the manufacture of rigid Carbon Bonded Carbon Fibre (CBCF) insulation materials widely used Heat Treatment, Polysilicon manufacturing, silicon wafer manufacture and other the thermal processing applications.

The bottom loading, induction, high temperatures heat treatment furnaces enable high-fired vacuum heat treatment in the region of 2500°C, each with hot zone of ~5m3 volume. Design features include:

  • Fully automated operation with PLC controlled SCADA
  • Thermocouple and pyrometer thermal control system
  • Consarc ‘Mini-ceptor’ hot zone design for rapid heat up and cool down
  • Cooling system for productivity improvements

Receipt of this acceptance represents an important milestone in the project that initiated in 2018 to provide significant added capacity to the Mersen Holytown facility in the UK to help meet the world’s increasing demand for CBCF materials. This installation is the latest in a long relationship with Consarc, with the first furnace supplied in 1984 and in the following 35+ years, Mersen (formerly Calcarb) has grown considerably at the Holytown site.

Mersen rigid CBCF offers superior thermal insulation and stability at high temperatures, with excellent machinability compared to other similar materials, due to the unique manufacturing process and short rayon fibre raw material. CBCF also comes with a number of coating options for aggressive environments, and can be manufactured as round or flat product.

Consarc offer vacuum and inert gas atmosphere high temperature furnaces for processing up to 3000°C.

Mersen Scotland Holytown
11 Woodside, Eurocentral, Holytown, ML1 4XL UK

Consarc Engineering Ltd
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